About C. S. Jameson


I live in the Midwest with my beautiful family, two rescue dogs – Zeus and Lainey.  And a cat – Dr. Sheldon mini-Cooper. I’m a Gemini which doesn’t really mean much to me — just my way of letting you know my approximate birthday on the off chance you’d like to shower me with gifts. I believe drinking coffee is a prerequisite to becoming a writer, but I tend to only drink it if I am truly writing. My hobbies include scrapbooking, mixed media art, World of Warcraft, listening to music and reading –a lot.  I keep books scattered all over the house so I can pick one up wherever I’m at and read a bit.  One thing people probably don’t know about me is at one time I wanted to be a professional singer. The other thing people don’t know about me is I wear computer glasses. Most people have reading glasses, but I get computer glasses and let me tell you how ridiculous they are. A .5 prescription strength; I know. But they have anti-glare and a prism to keep me from going cross-eyed trying to overcompensate for my sensitivity to light. I forgive you for laughing at me, I laugh at myself.

I began work on my first novel in 2008 after reading extensively about building one’s courage to become a writer. Writing was something I’d always enjoyed and moving in the direction of big projects just seemed natural. In 2009, I met Jenn Tylbon on a dating site — I know how that sounds. After discussing our passion for writing, we began co-authorship on another novel, which has since been halted indefinitely due to life in general.  Jenn and I keep in contact and support each other’s writing endeavors. Throughout the last few years, I have continued to work on my original Fantasy fiction novel. I am an avid reader and journalist (not a real journalist, what I mean is…I journal a lot). In 2012, I began two new novels. A historical fiction novel based on the life of a local girl that went on an adventure but came up missing after 1912. The other one as a result of NaNoWriMo 2012, also loosely historical fiction, and I finished my 50k.

As if all those projects didn’t keep me busy enough, I am also a member and moderator for the Writer’s Discussion Group on Google+.  While pursuing my writing career, I work part-time as a librarian and keep up with my hobbies: mixed media artist and volunteer clown. My goal is to get my MLS and have my novels published. In the meantime, I’m hanging out here, self-publishing my shorter works and supporting other folks just like me.

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