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Romance Novel Convention 2013

Romance Novel Convention 2013 Posted on August 17, 2013Leave a comment

I attended the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention earlier this year. To get a different perspective on other conferences, I asked Elena Dillon to give us a small peek into her recent conference experience.  She talks about what swayed her decision to attend RNConvention 2013 and her experiences while there. 

I have to say I didn’t plan on going to this convention originally. Mostly because it was happening about two and a half weeks after I would be getting home from Atlanta and the National RWA conference. I had a family vacation planned smack in the middle of the two. And this was the first time this event was going to be held. Ever. On the upside it was in Las Vegas and very easy travel for me from L.A. I put it on my maybe list.

A couple months went by and I was contacted by InD’Tale Magazine that my first book Breathe had finaled in the Young Adult category of the Rone Awards that would be held at the Romance Novel Convention. Hmmm. When I asked the hubby, he was on board. Trip to Vegas? You bet. I guess I should have expected that.

I’m so glad I went. The event was at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Downtown Las Vegas. I had never been to this hotel or downtown at all really. Not bad. I liked it. The casino is separate from the hotel tower we were in, the restaurants, the Starbucks and the convention center. Nice that we didn’t have to go through the casino to get everywhere.

The event was put on by Jimmy Thomas of Romance Novel Covers. He’s on so many romance novel covers it’s amazing. He was a fabulous host and really cares about the quality of the event. Also the people from InD’Tale Magazine, who hosted the awards, were everywhere the entire time, entertaining and helping out. Everyone went all out to make it a success. The convention provided interesting classes. I got a lot out of the ones I went to. I especially enjoyed Liliana Hart’s “Indie Revolution” class and plan on buying her book The Naked Truth About Self Publishing because I learned so much from her in just that short hour. She wasn’t even able to finish her whole talk she had so much info.

cover model book signing (1)

This convention had planned entertainment which was new for me. Normally I attend writer’s conferences where you are there to learn and connect. This was more than that. They had Mr. Casanova contestants walking around (aka cover models), a costume ball, a wedding, book cover bingo (I heard there was strip bingo, but I did not attend, so I cannot confirm or deny), and the award show with some fabulous entertainment. There was a magician and fast change artists, a belly dancer assisted by the Mr. Casanova contestants and a singer/dancer who was wonderful.

I met some wonderful young readers at the book signing on Saturday and some other authors I probably would not have. Nice.

I enjoyed the convention immensely and plan on going again next year. I will be interested to see what they come up with for next time!

Elena Dillon

You can find out more about Elena on her website.

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