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Tigercorns Oh My!

Tigercorns Oh My! Posted on May 28, 2013Leave a comment

For those of you that read me (good gawd tell me there is at least one!) you may have noticed that I’ve done a little redesign of my site.  Okay a LOT of redesign.  The most common word used to describe my former theme was “beautiful”, but whenever I heard that word deep down inside it made me cringe.  Getting more involved in the Writer’s Discussion Group made me realize how desperately I needed to redefine myself, which made me think of another word – branding.  And that one also makes me cringe.  What the hell does that even mean!? I’m not a COW! I do have a tattoo…do I need a new tattoo?! You always need a new tattoo…that’s not the point.

The point is – er, was – I needed muchness.  I needed more of ME in the design.  So with the help of my hubby, one of my best friends, and my friends at the WDG I began the design process a little over a week ago.  I needed color — lots of it! I needed rainbows and sunshine and unicorns!!  Because these things best define me.  But I also needed *loud announcer voice* ADVENTURE! Because that’s the core of my writing.  And not “My Little Pony” crap either.  Something hip, grungy, artsy, maybe a tad bit scrapbookish.

I had been downloading ALL THE FREE THINGS from Creative Market every Monday like a mad person (gender neutral…you’re welcome!).  And I spent about two hours going through every single font on Font Squirrel downloading everything that appealed to me.  My best friend helped me pick a texture I had from Creative Market and then the real magic began – a twitch of our noses and a few choice phrases…and maybe a few clicks and a couple of ctrl+z’s we changed the texture from slate to rainbow.

HQ Colorful Grunge Textures
Original texture – Creative Market
HQ Colorful Grunge Textures
Magic done in Photoscape










I picked a suitable WordPress theme and then I ripped it apart too (if you go look at that link, you’ll see what it used to look like).  I took the menu images and added special touches.  I still wasn’t happy with where I was going.  I had the theme, the images, the colors were looking good, but I still didn’t have a symbol, a mark, a brand that said “This is C.S. Jameson and she’s awesome”.  And then like a cat jumps at lightning I had it – I’ll combine my two favorite animals *maniacal laughter*.  When I told my husband I was going to make a tiger with a horn he said, “But that doesn’t even exist, not even in myth! Does it?”  But I didn’t care, it was me – what’s rarer than a unicorn? A TIGERCORN!  Thus was born my brand. My colorful adventurous tigercorny brand.  And I couldn’t be happier – it’s so much more muchness than what wasness.


Thanks to Maya Davis and Marti Lawrence for the beautiful peacocks!  Maya’s is the vertical one and the picture was taken in France.  Marti’s is the other and it was taken near her home.  The tiger head is from a photo I took at Turpentine Creek in Eureka Springs, AR. The horn was done by artist Klaus-x.  And the giant peacock feather was from photographer Julie McGray.  I took all of that and mashed it together using a combination of Photoscape, GIMP, and many hours after many midnights.

I’d also like to thank my husband, who constantly got up and down from the couch to come look at the computer screen to give his opinion on each step.  Which was every five minutes while he was awake and I appreciate it greatly.  Thanks to my friend April for perching on the arm of my favorite chair yawning incessantly while helping me brainstorm with backgrounds.  Thanks to Rick Wayne at the Dreadful Cafe for helping me conceptualize my brand and for approving of the final cuts.  And thanks to my WDG family for listening to me whine and complain about the branding. {{hugs and kisses and glitter}}


© 2013 C. S. Jameson.  All Rights Reserved.

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