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Crowdfunding Project – Send Cyndi to Romantic Times

Crowdfunding Project – Send Cyndi to Romantic Times Posted on March 6, 2013Leave a comment

Crowdfunding Project – Send Cyndi to the Romantic Times

My boss, who is retiring, suggested I attend the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention.  I put the question “to go, or not to go?” to my fellow writers.  The response was unanimous, but this isn’t in my budget!

What will I be doing there…

Blog reports of the classes I attend.
Attempt to get interviews at the conference or ask for interviews on “WDG: Authors on Air”.
Gather contacts to share with my writing group.
On-the-spot reporting via Twitter and G+.
A video diary when possible along with lots of pictures.

I’m asking for your help. Here’s what you get:

In an effort to sweeten the pot, John Ward  will do a 12″ by 18″ drawing on heavy archival paper for the first two people who send a donation of 50 dollars or more (first being determined by the time stamp on my e-mail) to my PayPal account. The donor gets to choose the topic and subject matter. If the donor picks something that he just can’t pull off, I’ll let them know and try to work something out.

He does want to limit the subject matter a bit in that he doesn’t want people to ask him to do a portrait of their grandmother or something. Want him to draw a mythical creature? Cool. A monster? Sure. The tree in his backyard? He’s all over it. Also, limit this to only one figure per drawing to ensure that people don’t ask him to draw the Battle of Agincourt or something.

Any contribution will get you in a raffle for Goodies from the conference, I’ll do a Hangout on Air to draw the winners.  Also, Greg Lynn will give any contributor a coupon for his book Sheldon the Chicken Chicken on Smashwords.  And Marti Lawrence will also give you a coupon for her book  River of Possibilities on Smashwords.

$5 – a subversive haiku on an altered postcard from Amanda Rachelle Warren, poetry goddess.

$10 – the postcard and a short story by wordsmith, Amy Knepper.

$15 – the postcard, the short story and a novella by Rick Wayne, purveyor of the strange.

How much do you need and what will it be used for?  

I’ve already had several generous contributors, I still need $154.05 of my $350.  Should I receive more than the needed amount, it will be applied to the gas budget to and from the events.  For some reason, if I should get an astronomical amount like $3,000 (for Ben Guilfoy ), I will have a few T-Shirts made to give away as gifts, design will be a surprise.

I want to contribute!

I’ve opted to use PayPal to receive funds from contributors.  You may send your donation to my email address: Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart!

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