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“Day” Job – Part Two

“Day” Job – Part Two Posted on April 3, 2012Leave a comment

Events at my prior employment (which I can now discuss; future blog posts to come) forced me to terminate my employment as a 911 telecommunicator – just short of my two year anniversary.  It was a very large leap of faith.  In this economy and job market who would leave a $16.00 per hour job with excellent benefits and retirement to pursue a job in Librarianship and novel writing?!

Why me of course!  Call me crazy but what a blessing it has been.  I’m making up for time lost with my family.  My kids love having me home to help with homework and sing them to sleep again.  I’m pretty certain my husband is beyond ecstatic, but I think he’s also wondering when the cleaning and meal cooking that I promised will start on a regular basis.  I’ve been able to spend more days working on my first novel.  I’m reading just as much and learning to drink coffee as part of my morning routine.

I spent about a month in a half being “full-time” mommy/homemaker applying for jobs and hoping the money didn’t run out too soon.  Then one job came up that I couldn’t ignore.  I revamped my cover letter and submit it I did.  And THIS time I called them too.  Then waited.  Waited.  Still more waiting.  INTERVIEW…sure I’ll come for an interview.  Happy dance happy dance.  Pray and more praying.  Job offer…HA!

So remember back in November when I said, “Hey I want to work in a library!”?  Well I did IT!  I’m working in a genealogy library.  And I was right, I’m surrounded by like-minded people.  All my co-workers seem to genuinely enjoy their jobs.  Everyone helps each other.  Everyone loves to share what they know and we’re all excited about what we can offer each other.  Patrons come in excited about their family history and all the wonderful nuggets to be discovered in the past.  The days that I work, I walk in with the biggest smile plastered on my face.  And before I know it my cheeks hurt as I’m clocking out because I haven’t quit smiling my whole shift.

I was right about this opportunity to help with my writing too.  I’ve been asked to train on conducting six week writing courses and post on the library blog.  *sighs happily*  When you take a leap of faith the blessings abound!

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