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Make real those things that are not

“Make real those things which are not.” – myself.  *snickers*  You think I’m joking, but I Googled it, I’m pretty sure it’s an original quote.

I know it’s gross, but go look at Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars.  The closest thing to real that that excuse for a man-thing comes to is a giant slug – I prefer giant booger.  But his misogynist über-gangster persona made him more tangible to me.

Now let’s go to Forks, Washington.  It’s a real place, but the vampires and shapeshifters may not be…emphasis on may not…because every fan is still holding out on evidence that quite possibly there is an Edward or Jacob running amok.

I like it when characters bleed because if you cut yourself you should, but it doesn’t matter what color the blood is.

Personally I enjoy gravity – with last week’s fall as an exception – I blame the trash can on rollers. That doesn’t mean the occasional bout of gravity loss isn’t entertaining.

This is why we love fantasy fiction right?  For the fakeosity!  It really isn’t that things have to be real, it is the writer’s perception of what is real and important to them, then conveying it to the reader in such a way that it becomes real and important to them too.  That’s what sells the story!!  And I enjoy fantasy for that reason.  I like knowing what interests the authors I read.  I like learning about the bits and pieces of “the real world” they throw in for flavor.  And because I enjoy that so much, I do it in my own work.  I like being able to take something in our reality and use it on the flip side of fantasy.  I scatter things that fascinate me all through my work – different cultures, mythologies, even archaeological finds.  I lift them like a fingerprint and then play connect the dots to make a new fingerprint in my world.  If it sounds like I might be excited about that, then do a little happy dance with me…

…well that…okay we won’t talk about what that was.

But we danced, or what passes for dancing, because I FINALLY have a fantastic back-story completed for my novel.  Took me three years to figure out, lots of research, and running it by a few of my “consultants” (that’s what I’m calling you guys now – you know who YOU are…funny huh?)  It is a story that feels real to me, ideas that are important to me and I hope I get the opportunity to make it real for all of you.  Because in the end, it really is about enjoying the fakeosity.

Now go practice your happy dancing!


© 2011 C. S. Jameson

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