Hey um, I’m a writer.  Okay that didn’t exactly come out right.

HEY BOYS!  Could I get some spiffy sounding music for this blog thing?! *indistinguishable murmurings*

Alright, so they looked about as confused as you do.  I’ll say it with more feeling and confidence.

HI! I’mmmmmmmm a WRITERRRRR!!!  Yeah, still no good huh?  Well *ponders* I’m hoping to prove it to you and, truth be known, to myself that I can write.  As if having two working novels is not enough to convince me of that truth, let’s throw in a blog.

I have a few reasons for pursuing a blog.  It’s cathartic.  It’s my own personal writing exercise.  It’s a platform to display my talent.  It’s my world.

You’re in MY world.  This thing that I so often get stuck in.  It’s the layover!  The crazy little inconvenient thing between destinations.  Where you finish an entire crossword booklet that you bought thinking “I might be able to finish a few of these.” Only to find that you now have to buy yet another booklet.  That’s where you are right now.  Except the difference is you’re stuck between my real world and my inside world.

Everything from my real world gets internalized and gets spit back out into story format where the names are changed to protect the guilty and the innocent. Most of the time the stories don’t make it into a saved document or even onto archaic paper.  I usually get right about here…right here…and this is where I power down.  For me living in both my worlds becomes so unbearable that I simply stop doing both.  Who does that!? Who just stops in the middle of what they’re doing and does nothing?  I don’t mean I willingly and literally go catatonic.  I mean I don’t want to talk to anyone and I don’t want to write.

So this is where I get to be unstuck, unstoppable, unbelievable, undeniable, and quite possibly understood.

If I tweak this right, move this dial clockwise, turn this knob over here, inch that handle up to 4, and press that button – YUP! There we have it.  Here it is.  This is where I come to be, this is my layover.  Bring some pajammies and some popcorn, stay awhile – it just might be fun!

© 2011 C. S. Jameson

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